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SafestarGO mobile application
June 23, 2020

Presentation of the rich functionalities of the SafestarGO mobile application.
Alarms, video, gps, alarm cancellation, SOS and many other interesting functions.

Safestar is a cloud monitoring station

Safestar is dedicated to monitoring centers in security companies and for security management in network companies. In addition to the classic alarm and video monitoring, the system offers a number of additional functionalities such as VoIP voice connectivity, protection books, automatic reports, alerts and much, much more. Safestar is a professional and reliable solution that will free you from technical problems and reduce costs.

Monitoring systems available immediately without the need for installation ...

If you want to introduce, modernize or expand your monitoring station or improve security management in your company, you do not have to buy new equipment and install complex systems. Safestar monitoring systems are available immediately, because, as in the case of other modern solutions, this sector of activity has also moved to the so-called clouds. Thanks to the cloud service (SaaS - Software as a Service) you can buy access to software that you can use as your own. 

You can start using Safestar at any time, and we will take care of all technical aspects. To access, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. 


The cloud system is efficient and does not expose you to additional costs

The cloud system is one of the cheaper forms of owning and using your own security monitoring. DMSI within one Safestar solution offers various systems for security agencies that vary in scope. Security management through video monitoring systems can be enhanced by GPS monitoring, which will show us the exact location of people or vehicles of interest to us. 

Safestar can be implemented very quickly, and specialists from DMSI will help in carrying out the required work.

Security monitoring will assist your management

For larger projects, it is important to carefully control the procedures, activities performed and the repeatability of the implementation of the implemented schemes of activities. Security monitoring perfectly complements the needs of large enterprises. In addition, the Safestar monitoring system, due to the fact that it is a cloud monitoring, allows you to log in from any computer anywhere with access to the internet.

SafestarFree cloud monitoring system

50 stationary facilities,
16 cameras, 10 GPS,
SafestarGO, SafestarPatrol
and other...

Do you want to know how to use Safestar?
Are you interested in the latest and interesting functionalities?
Are you wondering how to develop your security business?

Technical training for security companies

We conduct training in such issues as: maintenance-free monitoring station, automatic control of guard rounds, video configuration of rounds. You will learn from them, among others: whether there must be an operator at each monitoring station, whether intervention patrols can efficiently and safely monitor alarms (and how to control it), or how to use the SafestarPatrol mobile application to monitor alarms directly through an intervention patrol. You're welcome!



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