Krzysztof Ciesielski

Automatic guard tour control

Proper control of guard tour, i.e. work performed by physical security staff, is crucial from the point of view of the quality of the security service and the level of security. Safestar alarm monitoring station available

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Why are cloud solutions good?

Many companies are wondering what software to invest in. Is it better to choose traditional software installed directly on your computer? Can he decide on the so-called cloud solutions?

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Alarm Console Support

Supporting work in the Safestar alarm console is possible thanks to the availability of several tools that will ensure that no alarm is missed. Safestar works through browsers

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Security of Alarm Monitoring Centers

The security market is currently changing and monitoring centers will play an increasingly important role. Therefore, the security of monitoring centers will become increasingly important from a point of view

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Monitoring trends

Monitoring trends will follow the growing expectations of customers. They will also be a derivative of the "technology race" of competing companies and the sharp increase in physical protection prices. Alarm monitoring and

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