Automatic guard tour control

Proper control of guard tour, i.e. work performed by physical security staff, is crucial from the point of view of the quality of the security service and the level of security. At the Safestar alarm monitoring station an excellent guard control system is available, which allows automatic control of the security staff, as well as - most importantly - proper reporting and warning of irregularities.

In order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to automate the control process in such a way that the guard control system can automatically analyze whether the bypass of the controlled area is carried out properly.



Safestar guard tour control provides extensive opportunities for effective surveillance and enables automatic generation of reports and alerts. The basis of operation is to equip a security guard with a device or application to control rounds. Safestar cooperates with the market known control devices that operate on the basis of RFID control points and GPS location.

Mobile security guard control

A free application is a very good solution to control celebrations SafestarPatrol using NFC proximity technology. It can be installed on a smartphone that is in the possession of a security guard. In this way, we will save money and reduce the number of devices that a security guard has. In addition, the application has a number of other functionalities that are extremely useful in providing physical protection services. You can also use the application for free as part of free access SafestarFree.

Effective tour of the controlled area

Control of the security staff will be more effective if the following activities are performed on the site before configuring it:

  • conducting a threat analysis at the site and identifying sensitive points;
  • asking the client about places that he thinks should be controlled;
  • planning appropriate tour routes;
  • deploying checkpoints in safe places;
  • measuring the transition time between points.

After performing the "in the field" activities on the site, you can go to the configuration of the celebration in security management system. In Safestar, thanks to cloud technology and access via a web browser, the configuration of the celebrations can be done and immediately checked during your stay at the protected facility.

Below we present a short instructional video on how to configure the Safestar celebration system.

After configuring the celebration, you need to prepare the system for generating reports and alerts. You will learn how to do it later in the article.

configuration of celebration reports

Customers of security services are increasingly asking for reports on their services, which show how security guards perform the celebration. Such ready reports are available 
in Safestar. They can be properly configured for your needs, so you can prove the correctness of the rounds and avoid possible penalties.

There are many types of reports available in Safestar, of which two are most commonly used for guard services:


    • point readings report;
    • object history.


These reports can be generated on demand or set the period of time that they are to be created and sent automatically to designated persons to the e-mail address.

Configure sms and email alerts

Alerts are a quick way to immediately alert you to irregularities that may occur during a celebration. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly in the event of a failure to perform rounds or other events, including real criminal events.

Thanks to properly defined alerts, Safestar will quickly and directly alert a supervisor or intervention patrol about the need to verify the situation at a protected facility.

Below is the material about alert configuration:


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