Automatic guard tour control

Proper control of guard tour, i.e. work performed by physical security staff, is crucial from the point of view of the quality of the security service and the level of security. The Safestar alarm monitoring station has an excellent guard control system, ...
Configuring cameras for video celebrations

Configuring cameras for video celebrations

Video celebrations are a new form of monitoring service provided as part of remote video surveillance. Appropriate camera configuration is crucial for this service, because video transmission takes place via the Internet connections ...
Cloud technology connected all devices with server and storage in datacenter background

Why are cloud solutions good?

Many companies are wondering what software to invest in. Is it better to choose traditional software installed directly on your computer? Can he decide on the so-called cloud solutions? Who and why scares the cloud? ...
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Alarm Console Support

Supporting work in the Safestar alarm console is possible thanks to the availability of several tools that will ensure that no alarm is missed. Safestar works through web browsers. The user can perform ...
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Data security in the Safestar system

Data security in information systems is a key issue of the modern world and in particular it concerns the area of security companies. Safestar introduces global standards in data access security. Safestar secure passwords automatically ...


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