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Security of Alarm Monitoring Centers

The security market is currently changing and monitoring centers will play an increasingly important role. Therefore, the security of monitoring centers will be more and more important from the point of view of clients who use services ...
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Security of monitoring clients

The security of monitoring clients depends on many factors - most of them occur in monitoring centers. Few companies and even fewer customers are aware of how serious ...
monitoring trends

Monitoring trends

Monitoring trends will follow the growing expectations of customers. They will also be a derivative of the "technology race" of competing companies and the sharp increase in physical protection prices. Alarm monitoring and remote video surveillance will become ...
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Thermovision in protection. Chance or "bluff"?

Thermal imaging in protection, next to video analytics, is probably one of the hottest topics. Why? This is partly due to the recent significant increase in the cost of physical protection (implemented by ...


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