Alarm Monitoring Station and Application - Safestar

Monitoring station dedicated for monitoring stations and security management centers

Safestar is a virtual monitoring station for alarms, video and gps available in the cloud. It enables these activities in a simple and safe way. The system also offers a number of additional functionalities such as VoIP voice connectivity, protection books, automatic reports, alerts and much, much more.

Safestar professional monitoring station allows for significant reduction of personnel and equipment costs in security companies and security departments. As a monitoring station in the cloud, it enables immediate availability if we only have access to the internet. It is a professional and operating under constant supervision solution that will free you from technical problems and expenses at the monitoring station. 


When it comes to Safestar video monitoring, the system supports modern image compression protocols and is compatible with any device that sends video and audio in this form. The Safestar monitoring center also allows GPS monitoring of individuals (e.g. monitoring of children or the elderly), but also vehicle monitoring. 

Safestar is also modern mobile applications

SafestarGO is a Smart Home Security application that is dedicated to customers of security companies. It enables personal security control, including camera and alarm monitoring, and also improves cooperation with the monitoring station. 

SafestarPatrol is an application for intervention patrols and security guards, enabling, inter alia, the handling of interventions and the execution and control of rounds. 

These applications together with the central system create a professional and secure "ecosystem" that can be used at any time, without incurring additional costs.

Safestar console screen

Monitoring of alarm signals

Module enabling monitoring and handling of received alarms. The extended functions allow for automatic control of schedules, tests, power supply, etc. The system is fully compatible with the majority of transmitters, standards and transmission protocols used in monitoring.

Safestar video screen

Video monitoring

Video celebrations and video verification together with video prealarms is currently a key service in modern Monitoring Stations. Safestar is a leading solution dedicated to this type of video surveillance. Integration with solutions based on artificial intelligence gives additional advantages.

Safestar gps screen

GPS monitoring

An integral part of the system is the GPS module using digital maps and information about the geographical location of objects in motion. Most of the important driving parameters can be monitored through integration with the vehicle's CAN.

Safestar screen service


Safestar has an extensive module enabling management of installation, service and maintenance of electronic security systems. 

safestart voip screen


An integral part of the system is the VoIP voice communication module. It allows, among others, voice communication with a remote object by using IP speakers and intercoms. You can also connect a telephone line and make calls. 

Protection books

Module for physical protection enabling the replacement of paper documentation with electronic registers. Individual e-books with central supervision and compliance with the provisions of the GDPR can be kept for the facilities.

  • 50 stationary facilities,
  • 16 cameras, 
  • 10 car GPS
  • 5 celebration controls
  • 5 objects with protection books
  • 10 SOS buttons
  • Mobile applications
  • indefinitely


Mobile monitoring application dedicated to security companies' clients. It allows independent viewing of alarms, cameras, vehicles and has an SOS function.

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Control over alarm systems, arming, disarming, alarm history cooperation with SMA.

video camera monitoring

On-line preview of cameras and recorders installed on site.

sos button

SOS button "call for help" monitored by the security company to take action.


The application in sleep mode sends signals and alarms using "push" technology.

gps monitoring

Location of vehicles and people using the GPS location system. Route history and driving parameters.


Control of alarm, video and other systems, control of output status, smart-home elements

Safestar patrol

Mobile application for
intervention patrols
and security guards
Safestar Patrol

We present the SafestarPatrol mobile application.

Safestar Patrol offers a number of functions to facilitate and accelerate communication between the Alarm Monitoring Station and the Intervention Patrol. In addition, the application allows you to perform controlled guard tour and prompts and records the procedures performed. By using this application in small monitoring stations you can limit operator support.

Selected functionalities of SafestarPatrol

  • alarm reception and handling
  • presence control under the facility
  • communicator with SMA
  • uploading photos
  • object navigation
  • reading NFC points
  • suggesting operating procedures
  • reaction and communication control with the system
"Safestar perfectly complements our existing offer and helps save time and money."

Marcin Matys

matpol protection agency

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