Alarm Console Support

Work support in the alarm console Safestar is possible thanks to the availability of several tools that will ensure that no alarm is missed.

Safestar works through web browsers. The user has the ability to perform many activities simultaneously on several tabs. It is also possible to operate on several monitors, which greatly facilitates and streamlines the work. However, it should be remembered, especially at the monitoring station, that every operator should always have at least one browser tab with console open. To facilitate console control, several tools are available in the system to ensure that no alarm is missed. DMSI recommends using Chrome and Firefox browsers in current versions to work on the Safestar system.

Configuration of alarm console sounds

After logging in, hover over the user's name in the upper right corner of the browser and select "User settings"

In the edit form, go to the "Console configuration" tab. It is very important here to select the "play event sound until service" option and select for what types of events the option is to be active: whether for all alarms or only for critical alarms.

With such settings, the application will inform you with sound about new, unhandled alarms until they are taken over by the operator.

Preventing automatic browser mute

Manufacturers of web browsers have recently introduced the functionality of automatically silencing browser sounds with very long user inactivity. In this case, the alarm console may display the message "Sound off due to a lack of user response!". This message disappears when you click anywhere on the console or the icon with the crossed out speaker on the tab with the Safestar console. To avoid bookmarks being muted by browsers, click the icon next to the browser's address bar and set the options to allow background audio to be played.

For Chrome browser:

For Firefox:

If the sound option is not on the first screen, go to "Website settings" or "Permissions". Then you need to add the page to exceptions or disable the option to block automatic audio playback.

Alerts about unhandled events

Supporting the operation of the alarm console is also done by setting appropriate alerts by phone or email. The system can control both the lack of operator activity at a given time or the presence of unhandled events on the console. To configure, run "Alerts-> new alert" and select the Alert type: System in the form. Then enter email addresses or phone numbers for notifications.

Then at the very bottom of the form, mark which parameters the system is to monitor and which exceeding should be notified.

Dedicated "plugins" for browsers

You can also use appropriate browser add-ons:

For Chrome:

and for Firefox

After installing the add-on, the user can change the frequency of checks. It controls whether the operator has at least one card with the system console open and whether there are any events not handled to handle the event. If any of the conditions are met, the add-on will inform you about it by an appropriate message and sound signal.

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